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What Is Multimedia?

Multimedia (Lat. Multum + Medium) is media that uses multiple forms of information content and information processing (e.g. text, audio, graphics, animation, video, interactivity) to inform or entertain the (user) audience. Multimedia also refers to the use of (but not limited to) electronic media to store and experience multimedia content. Multimedia is similar to traditional mixed media in fine art, but with a broader scope. The term "rich media" is synonymous for interactive multimedia.

How Can It Work For My Company Or Church?

When you use multimedia to market your products or services, you allow your customers and prospects to see, hear, and interact with your message. Experts say that over 50% of information is obtained when people can utilize three out of five senses.

It does not matter what you are promoting, using multimedia presentations will increase your sales, your growth, and your bottom line.

What is involved in the process from creating a multimedia presentation (MMP) to the final production?

First, we will gather your information (document-audio-video files, brochures, logos, etc.) and turn it into a rich multimedia presentation. It will be design to flow with your company’s structure. Once your MMP is created, we will send you a "draft". You will be able to suggest any changes that may need to happen.

What happens after the Master Copy is created?

After final “signed” approval of the master copy of the MMP, then we provide you with additional duplicates copies, with labels, according to the package you choose. If you need additional duplicates or a full-customized CD produced, please see or rate information. You can also place your MMP on your website for browsers to download.

Is our company information secure?

Yes. Your MMP is "sealed" using state of the art encrypting program once the master copy goes to final production. You can even protect your MMP with a password for "top secret" information, if you were to distribute within your company.

What are the major advantages in having a multimedia presentation on CD, I already have a website?

Having a website is a great asset to any company; however, not everyone you want to reach is “online”. Also, having your company’s information on CD makes “you” portable and tangible. Regardless, where your prospects are, they can access your company’s products or services anywhere there is a computer.

Where would I use a multimedia presentation CD?

As you may have seen throughout our presentation, there are several different ways to use these interactive CD’s. The most common are direct mail pieces, trade shows, give-aways, welcome packages, and walk in traffic.

What type of information or files does IMS need to produce a high quality multimedia CD?

Our state of the art digital technology can support the following formats:
Documents: (doc, rtf, txt, html)
Images: (gif, jpg, png, bmp, wmf, ico, pcx, tif, pcd, psd)
OEB Package Format: (OPF)
Sound Files: (mid, wav, mp3)
Video Files: (avi, mpeg)

To produce a quality multimedia CD with efficiency, your files should be converted to the formats above. However, if you do not have files that are not in these formats, we can scan images and convert files, but it would include additional charges.

How long does it take to produce?

Our production team at IMS does it’s best to produce a high quality presentation for you within 10 working days. However, depending on the scope of the project, the type of package you choose, revisions and additional interactive features, one project can take four to five weeks.

Time's Running Out

Can I integrate a flash presentation or movie within my presentation?

Yes. We recommend converting your flash movies to AVI or MPEG format to insert them into your MMP.

Can I add links in my presentation directly to my website?

Yes. We can insert interactive links within certain pages, so people can make direct purchases from your MMP.

Can I place an advertisement within my presentation and be able to track the links?

Yes. We can place your advertisements in your MMP, including a special tracking link to your site and be able to track your results. If you would like us to track you advertisements, including special reporting, additional monthly fees will apply.

What are the computer specs someone needs to view my presentation? How does the customer access my presentation?

• IBM®; PC compatible, Pentium®; II 300 MHz or better
• Windows®; XP / ME / 2000 / NT 4.0 / 98
• 128 MB RAM or more
• 20 MB free hard disk space
• 800x600 pixels screen area
• 16 bit color display adapter
• For viewing Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher and Internet access is required Or customers will insert CD and automatically run.

How much does it cost?

Our multimedia presentation packages start as low as $499.99. Please see our rate index of all of our packages, to choose one right for you.

What other services do you provide?

Copy Writing
Layout Design
Label Design
Flash Presentations
Duplication Services
File Conversion (Ex. PDF to OPF)

CD Mailing Packages



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