Housing Busted
Signs of Real Estate Market Bottom
Destin, FL (PRWEB) March 31, 2008

Housing Trends
America's Riskiest Real Estate Markets

Matt Woolsey, 03.31.08, 10:30 AM ET

# Home foreclosures rate hits record in first quarter Reuters - Thu Jun 14, 3:04 PM ET

# Home buyers scared straight by rates AP - Thu Jun 14, 1:43 PM ET

US Housing Crash Continues It's A Terrible Time To Buy!

The Headlines Speak For Themselves. Real Estate Agents, Developers and Property Owners Need Help Selling Homes!

When Will The Market Turn To Your Favor?

If you are caught in the avalanche of falling housing sales…there's hope.Real Estate Listings

"A new sales tool has just been discovered that will bring your Real Estate Listings Alive!"

Imagine giving your prospects more photos, more features and more details on each listing, so they can make a quicker decision to buy now!

For every seller there's a buyer! The question is…how will you market your listings to get those prospects to buy from you?

Real Estate For SaleIn tough times, you must be resourceful and clever, finding ways to "out-smart" your competition.

Doesn't it make you furious when you hear that XYZ Realty is continually closing deals every week, when you might have had two appointments in seven days? Or the colleagues you work with seem to be "out-performing" you, day in and day out?

What are they doing that you're not? If the answer is "they're just lucky, I guess." WRONG! They may be doing something more creative than you to get leads. So you need to step up and meet those challenges. An interactive sales tool will put you in a higher position and give your real estate listings an EDGE to WIN the sale!

When I started a construction cleaning business, I didn't know how I was going to compete with cheaper labor forces here in South Carolina, and I didn't know how to compete with cleaning companies with years of bidding experience.

It wasn't until I was putting together my marketing materials (i.e. a flyer, a brochure, etc.), that I stumbled across an amazing 3-D software program that totally revolutionized the way I do business.

Then, I was able to level the playing field. The way you and I sell today is completely different than even five years ago! It's no longer handing out flyers and a business card that gets noticed. It's going above and beyond your prospects' expectations that will close the deal.

In a "bubble bursting" real estate market, only a competitive edge will win prospects!

After, I discovered what this amazing software did to my marketing material, it was so easy to get prospects to call me. Maybe they were curious to find out more? Or they received all the information they needed about my company and so they were ready to sign a contract.

Whatever it was, within one week of compiling all my information together into a 3-D interactive multimedia package and sending it out to all of my prospective builders and contractors, I received a 38% response rate to submitted bids. That's Unheard Of In The Direct Mail Industry Which Is Only About 2%!

No more flimsy flyers that get thrown away after you leave!
No more brochures that get lost under a pile of paperwork!
No more "Sorry - I Lost Your Business Card."
No more missed opportunities because of lack of information!

Now, everything is so much easier to not only reach hungry buyers, but to answer 95% of their questions before they call you. And they will call.

It's all about getting a response! Make the offer. Give your home- buyers something they can interact with. People love to interact with things they are curious about. (Remember, those museum displays that asked you to press this button and see "something happen" when you were a kid?)

Real Estate Is A Buyer's Market Right Now!

It's a buyer's market right now! People have to unload their homes and are willing to do whatever it takes to sell. Baby boomers are retiring by the thousands and need to get out of their homes and live that "American Dream" in the tropics to enjoy life.

Hats off to those of you who are using Virtual Tours on your websites because those are great tools to give your buyers a better picture, more than just a photo and four line description.

However, imagine taking your virtual tour and putting it in your multimedia portfolio and having direct links to your website or email address giving the buyer instant contact with you!

It's New.. It's Interactive…It's Shows The Whole Picture.. And It's On The Cutting Edge!

Oops, I almost forgot to mention, not everyone has high speed internet service to load your virtual tours. Only 60% of households in the US subscribe to high speed internet access, leaving 40% not available or not wanting to pay "high" subscription prices. See High Speed Stats here: http://www.clickz.com/showPage.html?page=3610546

A typical MLS listing looks like this:

Low Country Home
3 bedrooms
2 bath
Living room
Large kitchen
Reduced $100,000

Call XYZ Realty 555-555-5555!

You're paying a huge cost for that realty ad space and having multiple listings leaves your marketing budget strapped and may or may not generate a phone call.

"If you want something you never had before, you have to do something you've never done before."

Multimedia Marketing Is The
Wave Of The Future.

As I mentioned, today's consumers are more sophisticated, more intelligent and more frugal with their disposable income than ever before.

I have found the higher the price of a product or service, the more they want to be dazzled. They want exclusivity!

Take for example, here in South Carolina, real estate developments are growing so fast we have to "import" workers from other countries to build houses. Thousands of acres of plots are being snatched up by investment groups and the lots are being sold…WITHIN 24 HRS!

That's unheard of in a bubble bursting real estate market! How did they do it? They qualified their prospects and dazzled them with free airline tickets to South Carolina, free hotel rooms, and gave huge banquet parties and helicopter rides to show off the spec of dirt they were buying! That's how you could sell 144 one-acre lots in 24 HRS!

However, if you are an independent agent selling, that doesn't have a multimillion dollar bank account to "Wine & Dine" your clients, then you need your marketing materials to impress them for the start. I call it The "WOW" Factor.

When I give someone my interactive multimedia CD-ROM, that's one of the first things they say is, "Wow, that's different." Or "Wow, that's cool, I'll be sure to check it out!"

"No One Remembers Who Came In Second."

Getting back to multimedia marketing... It's the wave of the future in everything we do and everything we interact with. For example: "Smart Homes" (homes wired with fiber optic cable, enabling the home-owner to control every detail of their home from one central location) are growing in popularity because of convenience.

Even, refrigerators are designed with multimedia kiosks to tell you you're are running low on milk! A couple of touch screens later and you can order more groceries from the local market from your refrigerator!

Do you think people are becoming lazier than ever before? Does technology keep us being lazy? I'd love to have all those features in my home, in fact, I'd like something to get the remote, that's sitting on the TV, after I already sat down in my "Lazy Chair"!

The point is, people want to be "spoon fed" when it comes to making a major purchase decision.

Here's a real life example: When it was time to move out of our single wide mobile home (a tin box on wheels), we had to contact our real estate agent and ride around town, every weekend to look for a single family home.Good Grief

At first it was exciting, you know, your first house, picket fence feeling etc. But after awhile, I was tired, frustrated and didn't want to give up any more of my time or see someone else's run down house.

Wouldn't it have been great if my agent gave me an interactive multimedia CD? All her listings and hundreds of pictures, inside and out, so I could have said, "Yes, let's see this one and this one.", instead of driving all over God's green creation, because of a house photo and three bedroom listing.

I would have saved a lot of time, energy, and gas during that time. Wouldn't you want to do the same for your clients? They'll love you for it! Trust me. Even my wife would tell you, she was tired of looking and looking.

Let's face it, people know what they want. If they are looking for a large kitchen and a large master bathroom and you show them using photos and virtual tours, you will save them a huge amount of time and frustration.

When we walked in the house we were looking at, we knew that's what we were looking for and bought it. Image how much time and gas you save yourself, by giving your clients more detailed information about your listing, in the comforts of their own home, instead of driving across town, setting up appointments, etc, etc.

If we saw photos of the inside of our house and all the other homes we look at, we would have gone to three houses…not 50! Take your clients' time in consideration, not to mention your own.

More Qualified Leads...More Monthly Closings!

Our multimedia packages we put together are designed for you to do more work in less time and streamline your sales!

You can include an audio introduction of yourself and your business.

You can include a video presentation or virtual tour of various listings describing in detail, the length, height and width of each room and added features.

You can even include pre-qualifying forms, clients can print out at home and direct links to your website, within your presentation!

You are creating a unique sales experience for your clients. One that is not only efficient… but interactive. I've always said, "If you can get your prospects to interact with your product, before they purchase it, the only thing left to do is sign the bottom line."

I like to give my prospects, as much information as possible, so when they call it's usually, "How much is it?" and "When can you get started?"

It's up to you, with what you can do. I'm offering you a unique real estate sales tool to help you make more sales and get people primed to buy from you, in the comforts of their home!

One more thing: Think how many times your listings on a CD would be past around by your clients' friends and family, "All wanting to get their two cents worth." Who knows maybe a relative would buy from your multimedia presentation being past around?

Experts estimate that a "tangible" advertising specialty can come in contact with at least 5-8 people in their circle of influence!

We can help you make the best out of a buyers market using our interactive packages. Contact us to find out how to place your listings in a interactive multimedia CD! Click here: ims@advertisingagency1.com

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