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     If A Picture Says A Thousand Words, Than A Virtual Tour Says Millions!

You probably have seen virtual tours scattered throughout the World Wide Web, selling real estate homes, travel vacations and hotel resorts. Once it was an obscure online marketing tool but now, it's a prevalent point of purchase medium.

These innovative sales and marketing techniques has dramatically changed the landscape how we buy and sell products. Today your time is at a premium and so is your potential prospects. You have to make every sales piece count or you lose money!

Attracting online shoppers to your website using a virtual tour is not only one step ahead of your competition, but the first step in the "Marketing Playbook"... Getting Attention!

Virtual Tours increase your products and services sell-in ratios by giving your prospects something really cool to enjoy while shopping, plus it eliminates the powerful "Wall Of Resistance"! What? Virtual Tours

Even after years of high tech security devices to prevent fraud and online scamming, there's a rift between merchant and online shoppers. Most people are skeptical about any website selling a product or service, regardless the websites' popularity.

So when you capture their attention by offering a virtual tour it will start the selling process without the "hard sell" approach. How many time have you told yourself, "I'm not going to get sucked in to any online sales pitch, no way."? Yes, this "wall of resistance" has to be overcome, whether you are selling online or off.

Problem is people have heard too many horror stories about online scams. So now, by using a "virtual tour" to show your product and service helps you get that edge.

Now keep in mind, not every 360 virtual tour tells the whole story, in fact in only one piece. Sure you can display your home for sale, your rooms, your landscape, but you have to take a step further and describe what they are seeing.

Some virtual tours or video clips include audio as well, but most do not because it takes up too much memory to upload or their website. What good is a "silent" tour if you can't describe the benefits?

That's were Integrated Media Solutions comes into play...

Now you can integrate your virtual tour with plenty of fact-filled benefits, as they watch your presentation. For example: Let's say, you're selling your home. You take your video camera walk around the house and around the yard, showing your assets. For some it's obvious, looking at the benefits, but for others they want a "spec sheet" or more information about the square footage, the acreage, local shops and schools, etc.

With our MMP or multimedia presentations (see demo), each page can be filled with all the features and benefits your home has to offer.

It's that simple!Virtual Sales

Now your prospective home buyers or online shoppers will have a clearer picture of what you have to offer and will feel better about their buying decision because you answered every question in your multimedia presentation!

After all, we want to feel proud about our "keen shopping abilities" when we make a purchase, so we can brag to our friends later, about what a great deal we got.

Virtual tours, video clips and other multimedia is rapidly becoming the fastest growing trend in sales and marketing. Those that want to make more sales and close more deals will embrace this technology, and those that don't will lose thousands of dollars on stagnated marketing campaigns that do not produce.

We bring this technology to you, all you have to say is...Yes! Contact us today to find out which package will suit your needs!

With Success!

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