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IMS (Integrated Media Solutions) is a company designated to fuse today's marketing strategies with tomorrow's technology. We liketo think of ourselves as Creative Conceptual Consultants.

Today's consumers are more sophisticated than ever before. They demand new innovations and advances in technology to make their lives easier. It's up to us, as business leaders, to deliver and surpass their expectations to fulfill their needs.

We make that happen, by presenting your company with unique "out of the box" ways of capturing your market share, while branding your company's products and services, into the minds of your clients.

Our MMP's (Multimedia Presentations) create a long lasting impression with your clients. Whether your selling boats or books, we make your business come "alive and 3-Dimensional", as well as, "portable". Now anyone can take you anywhere! Find out more at our Smart Solutions.

David DeCantillon, owner of IMS, has taken his frivolous desktop publishing skills, of over fifteen years (when the Internet and multimedia was only futuristic), and  developed those skills to form an interactive multimedia company to help pave the way for more "in touch" marketing techniques for companies big and small.

"There are hundreds of ways to market to consumers," says DeCantillon, "However, we chose to go with the concepts that uses interactive rich media technology, to make more of an impact for our clients and deliver the "WOW" factor for the consumer."

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