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How many times has your Internet dial-up connection been lost in the middle of researching a company's product or service?

Not only did you lose your connection, but if you didn't "bookmark" the site, your lost the company's website address.

That will NEVER happen if you have your information on CD-ROM!


Interactive Multimedia Is A Means Of Getting Your Prospects To Interact With Your Offer,While Making It Easy To Buy Without Hard Selling!

How are you going to achieve better results on your next marketing campaign? You need Interactive Multimedia to out perform your competition and exceed last years' results.

Has your company recently mailed out 10,000 beautiful four color brochures, costing your company thousands of dollars, only to receive a less than 2% response rates?

Studies have shown that our interactive multimedia marketing has retained a 38% response rate to special offers, sales and inquiries. Here's how we can produce similar results for you. Two Smart Solutions are to make your company "portable" and "tangible"!

How do we make your company "portable" and "tangible"?Interactive Marketing

First, we take your company's information (i.e. text documents, graphics, jpgs, gifs, logos, even audio and video clips), then transform them into a three dimensional interactive multimedia presentation that will "WOW" your clients.

Once your MMP (multimedia presentation) is completed and approved, we then produce a master CD-ROM, including label, with your company logo on it. We then take it to our duplication department to duplicate and apply labeling.

Now you can take your company's custom MMP's and distribute them to your clientele. Your clients will then insert your CD into their computers and be taken through an interactive experience about your company!

You may say, "I've already have a website, why do I need an MMP?"

Good question. Not everyone has Internet access. Studies show from the Nielsen's Net Rating, only 46% of Americans have access to the World Wide Web, not to mention other countries.3D Interactive
By having a customized MMP made for your company, anyone who has a computer* can view your presentation, your catalogs, or even your website transformed on CD!

Now you can reach those "hard to get" prospects, you may have given up on or did not have online access. MMP's are portable and can be used on desktop or laptops making them transferable for more prospects. MMP's are tangible, not only with a physical CD-ROM, but prospects can interact with your presentation, driving more sales to company.

How much does all this new technology cost?
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